Cloud outrange… again

At we are not a true cloud fan, and reality is going on to collect proofs for us…

On June 20, 2011, Dropbox had a serious security bug. It was possible to login to an account with “a wrong password”. Like to say Dropbox account system was naked, because “a small number of users[…] could have logged into an account without the correct password”!

Dropbox had another bad day when it comes out the files are not really secure on it, and Dropbox staff may be able to read it.

After Amazon AWS outranges, this is another bad thing we must cope on.

But wait: all this is normal, in own humble opinion. What is wrong is the public relation of these company which said “cloud is secure, cloud is like you home pc, etc”. Cloud based services will (and perhaps must) be less safe for our privacy. Also security is more difficult, because a private hard drive is more difficult to find and open then a public web site open for business.

Cloud is cool, cloud is dangerous.