WinRun4j is a java launcher for windows. It is an alternative to javaw.exe and provides the following benefits:

* Uses an INI file for specifying classpath, main class, vm args, program args.

* Custom executable name that appears in task manager.

* Additional JVM args for more flexible memory use.

* Built-in icon replacer for custom icon.

* Pre-JVM splash screen with auto-hide.

* DDE implementation for file assocations.

* Windows NT Service wrapper.

* Windows EventLog API

* Console version

* JNI library for INI access, splash screen, logger, registry, shell.

* Support for 64-bit JVM.

* Supports embedding (inside the executable) the INI file. See Embedded Resources section below.

* Supports embedding a splash image.

* Supports embedding JAR files. These will be included in the classpath (without extraction). This is currently BETA quality.

* NEW: There is now an Eclipse Plugin for WinRun4J.

WinRun4J is licensed under the Common Public License (CPL).

via WinRun4J.