Road to Munchen

Hi guys!

My last revival trip before wedding was on Munchen.
This trip will be strong reviewd reviewd after the wedding, in the meantime I’ll summarize here the better parts.bressanone-by-night.jpg
On 9th April we took the train to Bressanone , where we had a small rest of one nigh.

Bressanone by night (at the right) was a very pleasant experience.

The day after, we explored the small Bressanone, finding some neat paintings in the church’s garden (chiostro): one of them spotted daemons near Adam and Eva.
Bressanone was a very pleasant stop, the people was nice with us. We loved the “monks’ beer”. Also the hotel, Garni Cremona, was pleasant and we highly suggest it, especially if you like japan garden; by the way it is also near a big commercial center.

Then with my friend Andrea we went to Munchen, arriving in the middle of the evening. We look for dinner, after staying a bit to the royal gardens.


The 11th of April we kept a train to Fussel, the site chosen by  Ludwig II for building one of its more famous castle, the Neuschwanstein.

The train took about two hours, and we enjoy a small japan baby, trying to keep him quite inventing a very huge set of jokes.DSCN0126.jpg

The sunday (12th) was my last day trip, and I spend it in Munich, looking for Paintings and the Main Museum.

Anyway, in my heart the big green areas remain the best thing I experienced, with the good beers as a nice plus.

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