Java JDBC Probe

Tired of prepared statement written down on the code?

Tired of Hibernate, and willing to come back to crude SQL debugging?

No problem, dudes!

We tried Elvyx, a  JDBC probe, without a full success. Our quality vote is 5, because of the following bad aspects:

  • Very poor documentation. It is unclear if timings are returned in milliseconds or in seconds: no word about it!
  • Returned value are often inconsistent, so we cannot use it very well.

Anyway, for a “quality oriented” sampling of data, for finding out most used calls and so on, Elvyx can help a bit.

From the website:

Elvyx is a tool designed to monitor and profile the jdbc activity.

This jdbc profiler has a wrapper that intercept the access to the database and send this information to the elvyx server. The server receives the information, store the data into a database and serve this information to the client. The client shows sql statements, bound sql statements, elapsed time, elapsed time preparing the statements, etc.

To get started, check out the installation guide.

And do not forget the screenshot.