The end of the empire

In Slashdot today I have seen a Microsoft advertise.

It said: “Windows is more reliable then Linux”. Clicking on it a very huge set of pages show you how to “Compare Windows to Red Hat”.
And this is the start of the end of the Empire.

If Linux is considered a competitor,  Microsoft will bring itself in a Ring against the Penguin.

But in the last ten years Microsoft tried to ignore Linux or at least  avoid talking of it.

Linux is the only thing do not need explicit advertising: the competitors do it better then Linux’s friend.
The arguments against Linux are good but misses the point: sys admins do not care those things when using it. They already knows the weak points of Linux (and of Windows).

So I think I will change… I have done strong critics to Microsoft in the last …ergh… 14-years…anyway…

I think my next enemy will be Apple…

I will no ever attack Vista any more… anyway I hate how InternetExplorer 6 works….ops… I did it again!

Good luck Vista!

(… shit. again! Ok, concentrate on Apple now…. for instance… their personal computers cost more….:-)