Wrost Shell provider of The net

Yes this is a negative-advertise (sometimes called flame). I get disappointed by "The Super Dimension Fortres" after about 3 years of use. The service was spartan but quite good, and you got lifetime access for only 36$. I also paid for some additional services from time to time. Then in the summer I launched a "vhost" command, to understand how vhost works. I found no manual and no help, so I closed my shell and went to bed.
After some month, the administrator asked me to pay for a VHOST service I never used. Abeit the time passed, I complain about it sending an email. I recieved NO response.
After a month my account was deleted.
I cannot speak with the administrator. I received only silly auto-generated email asking for money.
And by the way no a decent bill evidence.
This total lack of communication and brute-force resolution of a trivial problem is bad. So I must discourage my friends and readers, to AVOID the Super Dimension Fortres service at all.


I say this sadly, because it was a small and nice community, but bad sys-administrator cannot do things like these. This resembles me the first day at university, filled with young bold guys, a little stupid. When they come to administer a site, they become very dangerous to user community. The Bastard operator from Hell is smart, whereas stupid administrator smells only a bit more then normal people.

Sorry, SDF you have lost me.