SQL Server e Python

L’integrazione tra .NET e SQL Server è data per scontata: in questo articolo esploreremo invece  come accedere a SQL Server da Python. Uno dei vantaggi di python è che è un linguaggio molto facile da imparare, con un notevole numero di librerie e un’ottima integrazione multi piattaforma. Oltre a ciò python offre un sistema di …

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You are nobody without an API Key generator

API KEYs are sexy: if you have a web based business (like Google, Twitter, Facebook or WordPress’Automattic) you should have a way to generate an API Key for web service integration. Like Session keys, API keys should be sufficiently unpredictable to be psuedo-random. To be unpredictable, no user variables (or timestamps) are encoded into the key. …

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Proxy NTLM

Spesso capita di dover scaricare file al di fuori del browser: per esempio per installare software o per consentire ai propri programmi python/java/curl di effettuare delle azioni programmatiche Se avete problemi con i proxy Microsoft (cosa abbastanza comune, vista la diffusione), su Internet trovate una soluzione: Cntlm Authentication Proxy vi consente di avere un proxy integrato …

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Python SOAP Client

Suds is a lightweight SOAP python client for consuming Web Services. It is very nice to use, because of the debugging feature inside. Give it a try: And for testing and playing with it, try out also DreamPie, a nice Python shell

Web2Py Absolute trouble Shooter

Do you want develop web applications in a fast, prototype based way using Python? Follow us and learn how to use web2py…. Step 1: Python 2.6 proper setup On Linux be sure to install sqlite development library; the following command will help on RedHat:

for the yum variant see here Install python 2.6, this …

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Python functional programming

This article is a work in progress: it will be expanded by your comments… Python is a very curios programming languages: it give you classes but also a strong function-oriented environment to play with. So, if you like functional programming (read: you like  Lisp and/or Erlang)  you should give python a closer look.

Django is going 1.2

Django Project, a powerful and clean Python Web Framework, is going to relase 1.2 as  the next milestone at the beginning of March. For the meanwhile, you can grab the Beta2: As part of the Django 1.2 release process, tonight we’ve released Django 1.2 beta 1, a preview/testing package that gives a little taste of …

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One of the best thing of scripting languages like Python is the ability to fast prototype complex things. In the past ten years, if you like to build distributed application you was forced to use huge and heavily languages like Java. On Python there is a nice library called Pyro, which used with success: Pyro …

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