Postgres performance tuning

After a bit of work, I have managed to optimize the performance of my Postgresql Server.

I have spent a saturday morning digging around postgresql, using the fantastic komodo editor, and I am happy with the final solution.

I followed  some suggestion on power PostgreSQL site, and now my postgres is blazing fast. For small needs, tuning postgres is easy as working with MySql.
And with postgres you get for free Transaction and PL/SQL without the need to do extra configuration or tuning or your database.

The major trick is extending  the shared_buffer, and tuning the max_connections, trying to reducing it to the minimum

For tuning max_connections, remember, for instance,¬† 10 max connections can be able to serve about 100 concurrent “real” users; this metric is not valid for robot like wget robot or similia, which generate much more traffic.

Anyway is not difficult to get a fast PostgreSQL installation “out of the box”, and the resulting database is very robust.

oracle mass table drop

Sometimes I need to build a small script to delete a huge set of tables of a schema.

In Oracle is easy to do it, using the meta tables "all_tables", "all_views", and "all_sequences":

select  'drop table ' || table_name || ' cascade constraints;' 
   from all_tables where owner='protoss' and  table_name not like 'BIN%';

select  'drop view ' || view_name || ' ;'
   from all_views where owner='zerg' ;
  select  'drop sequence ' || sequence_name || ' ;'
   from all_sequences where sequence_owner='spacemarine' ;

The "BIN%" table are special temp tables of oracle.

On PostgreSQL, try use PG_TABLES meta-table

Happy sqlizing!

Biblio Wolf first install

The installation was fine. I have some problems with the sqlite3 driver and I ought to switch back to the PostreSQL driver. I initially planned sqlite3 as deployment platform.I have to change my mind after losing over three hours trying to resolve a linking problems on the production machine. By the way with PostgreSQL I will have more powerful exporting capabilities