JavaScript Wars: Xtend

And so Java, the old old King is still alive.

After Scala, Clojure, NodeJS, and Dart, a new hero is knocking to its castle: Eclipse Xtend

Will he succeed? Hard to Say, but Xtend is very similar to CoffeScript: Xtend simplifies writing Java code, but it doesn’t aim take the grab the crown with a night ambush to the King’s IDE.

At the moment Xtend do not spot a strong IDE, but its simplicity could give it a plus.  Xtend gives us less stuff then Scala, and mimics a lot C# feature like extension method and lambda function. But it is still a baby in a world of fighters, so keep an eye on it but do not write too much code with it, for the meantime…

The Javascript world bring to us a deadly news: the planet Flex has been attacked by the Html5 rebels. Adobe seems to retire from the Flex development, and also flash mobile has having a bad day (try to find it on moder android devices!).

And if Flex&Flash are dying, Silverlight is even less lucky!…he is riding in the black forest, during a bad storm.

So it is hard to say what the fucture deserve us…but grab another table, because the last royal feast will be full of new programming languages!



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