Why WISP is better then Virtualized.

I am happy when I am not the only one with bad experience with virtual machines. I like a lot stuff like Xen virtual machines but…sometimes they did not soleve problems, they generate them! […] While I was looking for hosting, I heard a couple of recurring questions from users and potential hosting companies: Why not go …

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WISP Manifesto

We talked about ”Web applIcation Service Provider” (WISP) in the past days. So what are the specification for a Service Provder wanting to be a WISP? Let’try to sketch them together: WISP Hypothesis A WISP must offer a set of XML-RPC API (WISP API) to configure the services. They must be simpler than SOAP, and must …

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SkyRocket computing not Cloud!

As you know, we at Gioorgi are not so Cloud-Computing enthusiastic. Anyway, we watch every buzz-word, every good idea also if it born in an evil empire :) Cloud computing is SOA and huge. As software architect, Cloud computing is doomed to fail for some simple reasons: Amazon and other Cloud solutions give you the freedom …

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