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Emacs Multi cursor!

Some “new” shiny IDE feature smart multi line editing, for instance for easily copy-past a block of code and then modifying it “live”. Sublime text has some feature like this…. and Emacs? Emacs has a package for it called…Multiple cursors! This video on “EmacsRocks” shows you some powerful use Multiple cursors for emacs.https://github.com/magnars/multiple-cursors.el143 forks.1,602 stars.78 open …

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Every url you post on facebook chat can be found…

Every url you post on facebook chat can be found…so be careful! This article on Medium deeply explain this behavior. I am not a fan of how Facebook security is implemented: some time ago I discovered every developer could access to production, at least until 2011

Property Based Testing Tool

Tonight I stubled upon PropEr, a Property based testing tool for Erlang. It seems a very smart idea: instead of writing a single unit test, you write a set of properties your code must satisfy. From the site: A property-based testing tool, when supplied with this information, should randomly produce progressively more complex valid inputs, …

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Rasperry Pi 2 Server Setup

This small guide will help you to increase the security of your raspberry and transform it in a 24×7 running server.   Security in place Here a small check list with external references: Change pi password. Disable SSH Password Authentication and Root Login. Root login should be already disabled on recent distributions. Consider installing remote …

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Sull’informatica: si fa presto a dire bisestile

L’informatica spesso si scontra con la risoluzione di problemi reali in un modo più simile alla fisica che non alla matematica. In matematica, l’aspetto astratto consente di rifuggere dalle pochezze della realtà. La fisica e l’informatica invece devono dare risposte concrete a problemi reali. Oltre a ciò l’aspetto ingegneristico della informatica la costringe a fare …

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Hackathon @ NTTData

This weekend I enjoyed with NTT Hackathon. We developed a Microsoft Kinetic-powered store: you can see objects, consult a catalog via arm swipe, and order 3D prints via hand claps. 3D Printing was powered by OctoPrint after a bad experience with SkyForge. We hope SkyForge will be production-ready in a couple of software-iterations (their lack …

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Erlang Power Links

Ready to study the Erlang? Take a look to http://howistart.org/posts/erlang/1 for understanding how erlang releases works (and how to deal with them). Erlang Maps are the next big thing and this article from Joe Amstong introduce you to them. For some lengthly tutorial take a look to this http://learnyousomeerlang.com/maps   And Finally Lisp Flavored Erlang and Ruby Flavored Erlang.

New Theme Juggling

After some year, we decided a new theme shake up.. The new PinPress theme spot article auto loading; more important, you get also auto artilce rearrange when you resize the window (try out). We are planning some refinement on the newxt week so stai tuned and… we hope you enjoy the new style!