Che sia semplice!

A ci occupiamo di software da molto tempo. Giovanni Giorgi respira il software dalla metà degli anni ottanta,  quando il Vic 20 fu commercializzato in Italia (abbiamo trovato molti dettagli sul nome e la storia del VIC-20, ma la fonte più attendibili è sempre wikipedia). Dopo così tanto tempo, possiamo affermare uno dei principi …

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Django 1.0.2 is out

We read and report: Tonight, to clear up some problems with the packaging of the Django 1.0.1 release from Friday, we’ve released Django 1.0.2; once again, this is a bugfix-only release, and is a recommended upgrade for anyone targeting or using Django 1.0 or Django 1.0.1. Weblog entry announcing the release is here: Release …

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Selling software which is of some value

At, after working with a lot with software for over twenty years,  we have envisioned a clear idea about open source. This is the second article of a series tagged “opensource”: the previous one is Open Source for the infrastructure; in such article we started to do some tiny consideration of the destiny of …

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Open Source for the Infrastructure

At, after working with a lot with software for over twenty years,  we have envisioned a clear idea about open source. This is the first article of a series tagged “opensource”: let’s start! Richard Stallman Vision, based on GNU open source idea, is too radical from our point of view. Stallman GNU License is based …

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Percorso Formativo Completo

(Updated on 2014,2018) Programma suggerito del percorso formativo: Object Oriented Programming (OOP) & Java Hollywood Principle, “don’t call us, we’ll call you”. Struts 1.2 e succ Hibernate, speed intro. Consulenza Articolo: Customers Don’t Know What They Want. Stop Expecting Customers to Know What They Want. Design Patterns e modellazione CRC Cards Wikipedia definition ToolBox as …

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Introduction to Bug Tracking tools

At we will start a series of articles about bug tracking. As usual, our posts will be short, tight focused and open to comments and improvement. A software will be full of bugs at some point of its life, and every good developer/project manager must be ready to address these issue. Let’s see how …

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fileCounter version 0.1

We are happy to release filecounter_0.1 File counter is a small python script to scan files and get userful information. For instance: java  -wc scan all java files and get the total lines. You can add estension on command line, and invoke internal commands via the proper option. This is a beta release.

Hibernate Speedest introduction

In this article I will introduce you to Hibernate 3 persistence framework. This article is worth to read, because give you a very fast track to Hibernate; I have used this tool for the past six years, when only the good 2.x series was out of there. Then I have the lucky of training two teams …

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The Valueteam PDFGenerator

Per un importante cliente di ValueTeam, ho sviluppato per un’applicazione chiamata “PDF Generator”, che è stata pacchettizzata come un vero e proprio prodotto. PDFGenerator nasce in una situazione caratterizzata da un alta variabilità dei requisiti utente.