In the past 20 years I worked on a huge set of projects.
Here the one I think are useful

Erlang vs Ruby: Er Zauker

Negli ultimi mesi ho sviluppato un motore di ricerca per il codice, chiamato code zauker. Lo ho scritto in Ruby e Redis. Ruby è un linguagio che conosco da tempo, ma housato molto poco. In questeultime settimane ho voluto riprendere in mano Erlang, e per esercizio ho provato a riscrivere il kernel del motore di indicizzazione …

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Redis + Ruby + Your Code = Code Zauker!

When Google Code was shut down, I have the lucky to read this article on how it worked. The article give you a bunch of Google-Go code. Because Go-language is too small and unusual for my brain, I took the idea and reimplemented it using Ruby and Redis. And because my nickname is Daitangio, I decided …

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Org Mode Parser 0.0.6 is OUT

Hi all, I have released version 0.0.6 of org-mode-parser for nodejs Org mode parser is a parser for reading org-mode files in nodejs. It features more then 80 unit tests, and support also for :DRAWER: and archive tag. The parser can query on the structure, extract subtrees, regenerate the original input via an handy toOrgString() method. …

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Org Mode parser for nodejs is here, right now!

If you love Emacs Org Mode, and you are looking for a JavaScript parser for it, you are in the right place! I have just published an org-mode parser for Node.js, the Javascript based server a lot of guys talk about. This first revision spot more then 20 non-regression tests, and it is ready for …

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Arduino Car

From the iPad package, you can build a small car. We have started the project two weeks ago. We are still searching for a good set of wheels, so this is a very basic prototype: [nggallery id=7] The basic structure is the inner plastic of the iPad package box. The  car is able to stop if …

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Arduino la sfida embedded per il Software Architect

L’Arduino Uno, è un micro controller tutto italiano, sviluppato in open source e che sta avendo un grande successo. Una parte del suo successo è dovuto al fatto che costa meno di trenta euro, e per essere così economico la versione base ha un chip ATmega328 con soltanto 2 KB di RAM, 1KB di EEPROM …

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Arduino: un successo italiano

The Arduino is mostly based in Italy, and every year I read another article about how Italy is struggling to find “their own Google” when they already have it. It’s the Arduino — they just don’t realize it yet. Arriva da Ivrea una scheda elettronica già entrata nella cassetta degli attrezzi di designer, ingegneri architetti, …

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