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Finding the good one: mithril

I have just read this insightful statement on this blog article about congitive load in Javascript jQuery is undoubtedly useful when dealing with browser quirks, but once an application grows over a few thousand lines of code, unstructured jQuery code simply becomes too difficult to maintain, and you start needing the discipline of a framework …

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dos2unix for poor basic unix

Do you have cygwin base install right? So no dos2unix…you can convert a windows file to unix format with a small tr command like

[bash] awk ‘{ sub("\r$", ""); print }’ winfile.txt > unixfile.txt awk ‘sub("$", "\r")’ unixfile.txt > winfile.txt [/bash] See also the bash secret power addendum.

Org Mode Parser 0.1.1 is OUT

Hi all, I have released version 0.1.1 of org-mode-parser for nodejs Org mode parser is a parser for reading Emacs org-mode files in nodejs. This version  has been ported to VisualStudio Community Edition 2015, so you can develop easily under windows too (but only if you really want :)