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ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column

Okey, you know Oracle. A very good database, a very old database, a very solid rock. Not famous for its error messages. I have already stumbled upon a misleading error on the old rock. This error anyway is incredible. If you try to push a very long text in a varchar2, you can end up with …

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Get rid of SVN under Windows

Another subversion repository Wellcome in 2002 subversion users! Some very old and stable customers has just discovered Subversion. Bad luck: a lot of cool  open source software are on git already! You can leave them with the old-as-your-grandpa subversion system, but you can develop with git in your local directory… Migrating from SVN to git under …

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RaspberryPi 2: The perfect box for your backpack

After my two children grow a little, I have some spare time to play with RaspberryPi. I have bought a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, a very neat and compact machine with 1GB of RAM, and a quad-core ARM chip on it. I was looking for an easy-to-carry unix box, and I was wrong: raspberry …

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Erlang: a lesson to learn…again!

Erlang is a great language. [2019-UPDATE] Erlang 22 is OUT, so I wanna to come to the party! On April 2015, Erlang father’s Joe Armstrong give us a very interesting lesson I want to tell about. There was a long thread titled “Erlang and Akka, The Sequel” on the erlang mailing list, reasoning about the need …

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Arduino Stereo sid

Arudino StereoSID emulates the SID sound chip of the famous Commodore 64. It is based on the Atmega8 MOS6581 SID Emulator from Christoph Haberer. Library conversion and memory optimization by Mario Patino. Stereo Effect by Giovanni Giorgi MOS6581 SID Emulator Arduino Library with stereo capability 1 forks. 15 stars. 1 open issues. Recent commits: …

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Arduino programmazione avanzata: makefile!

L’Arduino IDE è uno strumento stupendo se non siete sviluppatori software professionisti, perché fornisce un ambiente molto semplice per sviluppare velocemente sketch e progetti Arduino. Se però siete degli incalliti programmatori C++, vorrete qualcosa di più potente, che vi consenta per es di abiliare le funzionalità C++11 del gcc-4.8.x che viene fornito con la tool …

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Emacs 64bit for windows

Okey, getting emacs working on Windows is a pain, but we deserve a better editor for us(tm). I havce found a bunch of emacs alternative distributions, and this 64bit build seems a nice shot

.NET Corso Base HTML5

Descrizione del corso: Introduzione ad Html5 basata su WebForms Target: certificazione corso 20480B Repository delle slide e del codice di esempio: Lingua: Italiano Tecnologia: Visual Studio 2013 (Trial Supported) Extra software required: SQL Express Esempi Scaricabili da Code Example speciali Localization API Documentazione Localization API

Arduino Real Time EggBox

In questo secondo capitolo della serie egg box per arduino (una lampada a led costruita con 2 scatole di plastica delle uova), riscriveremo il codice in modo da utilizzare un sistema operativo real time chiamato NilRTOS e disponibile su Github; in particolare mostrerò un semplice sketch che è in grado di produrre un piccolo accordo …

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Arduino EggBoxLamp

Programmare Arduino è molto divertente, ed in questo articolo voglio mostrare come creare una semplicissima lampada luminosa. Questo esempio sarà anche il pretesto per mostrare differenti implementazioni software dello stesso progetto (in prossimi post) Questo progetto è volutamente molto semplice, e non si serve di nessun sensore. Trovate il codice su github: Arduino egg box …

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Rebar poor proxy git fixer

Sometimes you are behind a http proxy, and the git:// protocol is not accessible. For instance on erlang rebar, all developers  prefer the git:// protocol when listing dependency. But how to fix it if you are behind a http proxy? Ask help to git… [bash] git config –global url. git:// [/bash] Credits:

ErZauker Revenge!

After a bunch of time, I take back my Erlang Hammer from the sand of time. The result is ErZauker v0.0.2 the first pure-Erlang implementation of a code indexer. Er Zauker is a tiny but speedy search engine tailoring code searches. Zauker is backed by REDIS, the fastest RAM-based NoSQL engine you have never seen. The code get …

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Usare la memoria non inizializzata per divertimento e profitto

Ciao a tutti, è venerdì! Se avete due minuti di tempo, volevo indicarvi un articolo su un algoritmo non banale, molto ben descritto qui: This is the story of a clever trick that’s been around for at least 35 years, in which array values can be left uninitialized and then read during normal operations, …

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