Month: May 2018

Lievito madre molino Rossetto

A tutti gli assidui utilizzatori delle macchine per il pane, suggeriamo il seguente lievito madre, che dà ottimi risultati. Inoltre contrariamente a quanto suggerito nelle istruzioni, se usate una macchina per il pane è sufficiente aumentare le dosi standard suggerite dal manuale di istruzione delle macchine di appena 0,5 cucchiani, e servirsi negli impasti di …

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Docker Shadow of Lights on Raspberry Pi 2/3

Cloud, DevOps, and Microservices are three strong forces are melting together. Containers is the key technology around them. Before docker, horizontal scaling via VM spinning was feasible but a slow speed, compared to the speed of a docker container boot. So do you want to learn docker without going out of business? Let’s go! So if …

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IoT Async

Qualche mese fa avevo sviluppato una applicazione IoT per misurare la temperatura e spedire i dati ad una coda mqtt. Poi c’era uns server che colelzzionava i dati. Totale: tre server, con tre punti di fallimento ma architettura molto “cool” In effetti però la potenza dei moderni chip embedded è tale che è possibile implementare …

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Exploring a 23 years old code base: LambdaMoo MUD Part 2

In this second article I will continue my jorney on LambdaMoo code base. The C code is very well written. Sometimes the API abuse global variable to avoid passing around identifier like output database file descriptor or the like. Because a lot of the system has been written in the Moo language, the core is …

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Let’s Encrypt Gioorgi!

At last, too become part of Let’s Encrypt . You can enjoy full SSL super encrypted website from today. We will leave the no-SSL version for a while, to let you choose between the fast and the secure.

Stereo Sid 2.0.6 update

After a bunch of years, I am happy to announce StereoSID 2.0.6 is here to stay. It spots a new sid_player example and some optimization on the I2C implementation. MOS6581 SID Emulator Arduino Library with stereo capability 2 forks. 15 stars. 1 open issues. Recent commits: Merge pull request #3 from per1234/keywords_txt-multiple-tabsUse a single …

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