WolframAlpha A new type of search engine

Hi World.
I didn’t lost a bit of  grip on edge news, altrought now I am married!

In the first days of May we read about a new serach engine, called WolframAlpha.

The idea behind WolframAlpha are interesting, so we will take a close look to it.

Slashdot is following the engine very tightly (“Wolfram Alpha Launches Tonight, On Camera”, published  on May 16) ans so will do Gioorgi.com.

[UPDATED! Google Squared is out of there!!]

First published on May 18th, 2009

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BWolf first installation

Biblio Wolf (Bwolf for firends) is a webapp app for managing a book collection. BWolf is written in python using the Django web framework, and it is born from a Customer request. BWolf is open source, and you can get a full description here including links to downloads. I will mantain a blog of all the work I will do. In the last two months I set up a Subversion Repository and played a little with Django.


After some testing I opted for the SQLite3 DB in this first phase. SQLite is a database featuring quite full support of SQL92. SQLite lacks of some capabilities for manipulating tables (alter table can be used only to add columns) but has transaction, and is embedded. SQLite consume very little resource.


Because the database is self-contained in a binary-indipendent file is quite fast to syncronize my developement environment with the test (and in the future, the production).