Lega per l’abolizione di Maven

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maven (also mavin) is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from the Hebrew, viaYiddish, and means one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge


Ora il professor Pippero ha stilato la seguente top ten delle frusrazioni

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Maven fa male. Fidatevi, io ho usato anche Maven 1.0. So come era. So che non è cambiato. So che è peggio del vostro peggiore incubo.

Potete smettere.

Fatelo per me!…se proprio non potete, leggetevi questo per passare il tempo.

Wrost Shell provider of The net

Yes this is a negative-advertise (sometimes called flame). I get disappointed by "The Super Dimension Fortres" after about 3 years of use. The service was spartan but quite good, and you got lifetime access for only 36$. I also paid for some additional services from time to time. Then in the summer I launched a "vhost" command, to understand how vhost works. I found no manual and no help, so I closed my shell and went to bed.
After some month, the administrator asked me to pay for a VHOST service I never used. Abeit the time passed, I complain about it sending an email. I recieved NO response.
After a month my account was deleted.
I cannot speak with the administrator. I received only silly auto-generated email asking for money.
And by the way no a decent bill evidence.
This total lack of communication and brute-force resolution of a trivial problem is bad. So I must discourage my friends and readers, to AVOID the Super Dimension Fortres service at all.


I say this sadly, because it was a small and nice community, but bad sys-administrator cannot do things like these. This resembles me the first day at university, filled with young bold guys, a little stupid. When they come to administer a site, they become very dangerous to user community. The Bastard operator from Hell is smart, whereas stupid administrator smells only a bit more then normal people.

Sorry, SDF you have lost me.