quicklook – Project Hosting on Google Code

Quick Look is a package to collect system statistics and output pretty graphics and (X)HTML pages. It allows system administrators to have a quick look on the status of their systems, without going for a more advanced (and heavier) solution. Quick Look currently shows… CPU and memory usage Load average and process spawning rates I/O …

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better unix life2

If you need to work on cluster, is nice to have syncronized terminals to send the same commands in parallel. Is it also doungerous, so do some test before sending a bunch of vi commands! On Unix, a cheap and fast solution is Kde “konsole” which has such option. Look under “View/Send input to all Sessions” …

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Site Update: Happy new editor!

(First published on 2007-01-20) Hi all, ObjectsRoot now has correct story ordering ontags view! I am happy to announce I have just installed tinymce on my site. TinyMCE is a very nice javascript editor, also used in Drupal. What makes tinymce very nice in my humble own opinion, is its easy installation. You do not need …

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